1. Time-lapse of a piece I did for my upcoming solo show, DIE WELT, at the Chicago Cultural Center. The opening is this Friday the 12th from 5:30 - late! Come on down! :)

  2. Drury Brennan, DIE WELT installation, day 3 of ???, Chicago Cultural Center, September 2014

  3. Drury Brennan, installing DIE WELT solo exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, 2014

  4. Windows at Above Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2014. (For the record, this was my first time drawing shoes of any sort)

  5. If anyone is in the Berlin area this Thursday (July 10th) and would like to take a calligraphy class from me, please come to Schönschrift Üben (Nice writing practice)! It’s at Studio Blink Blink - Gerichtstr. 25 in Wedding (next to Stattbad Wedding / S+U-Bahn Wedding).

    For €30 you get 3 hours of awesome class, beer and wine, a custom writing journal made by myself and Studio Blink Blink, and we even imported impossible-to-get-in-the-EU 3.8mm Parallel Pens for the class, so you get your very own one of those also! If you don’t want the pen, €20 will get you the class, journal and drinks! 

    Many scripts covered! Big ideas and details! Have fun! Get saucy! Write in your book and other peoples’! Hope to see you there! 

    Paypal accepted for RSVP at rhythm.owl@hotmail.com -

    Facebook event is here -

    <3 Drury 

  6. Sketchbook, 2014

  7. The windows at the Glashaus Badeschiff, Berlin, 2014.

  8. Tote bag for Perfect Pussy US Tour, 2014 <3 (i am quite happy with how these came out.) 

  9. Part of a wall I did at Colonia Nova gallery, Neukölln, Berlin, 2014.

  10. Detail from piece, 2014

  11. A pound of flesh. A dollar short on love. New cig, same ol’ shoes. The sticks, the boxes. Endless. - (After Philip Guston), 2014

  12. Lunasea amusement. Your friend in the loneliest place. A reach unheard of, with more friends than God, a lover who will always return. -Ode to the moon, 2014.

  13. Detail from piece (After Philip Guston), 2014

  14. Rat and apathy massacre. Unfortunate circumstances. Key players, useless noise. Inferior leaders, sacrifice scrimmage, wasted afternoons, vile ideas, meaningless escapades.   (After Christian Rosa , 2014)

  15. Alien language punk rental contract, 2014