1. Alien language punk rental contract, 2014

  2. A calligraphy piece I did in the stairwell of my building about the beauty of women! 

  3. Sketchbook pages, 2014

  4. Details from Zalando piece, Berlin, 2014

  5. Piece for Zalando / Your Turn brands, Berlin, 2014

  6. Another detail from Zalando piece, Berlin, 2014.

  7. Detail from Zalando piece, Berlin, 2014

  8. new master graffiti, flyer for berlin show, 2014 ( i am not a new master of graffiti.)

  9. Writing, Margera, Italy :). 

  10. The windows at Inter Stizio, Martellago, Italy

  11. New scary work

  12. Sketchbook

  13. Piece at Letters Are My Friends Gallery, Berlin, DE, 2013

  14. Sketch sketch sketches, 2013. “The death times. In the end we have forsaken god for our love of god.” 

  15. My work in the Public Arts exhibition, on behalf of the Embassy of the Arts, Chongqing, China.